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Since our founding in Maryland in 1962, W. M. Schlosser Co. has been a recognized leader in the construction industry, providing quality, state-of-the-art construction services for both renovation and new construction projects.

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Stay up to date with all the exciting news, contract awards, company events, project updates and much more happening at the W.M. Schlosser Company. There is a lot going on right now, be sure to check back often!

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Potomac WFP Filter Air Scour Upgrades

Location: Potomac, MD
Value: $6,588,000.00

Little Anacostia Wastewater Pump Station & Force Main

Location: Capitol Heights, MD
Value: $5,441,880.00

VDOT Central Office Decoupling and Mechanical Renovations

Location: Richmond, VA
Value: $7,633,000

Iad Concourse C/D Hydrant Fueling And Pavement Rehab

Location: Dulles, VA
Value: $19,422,000.00

UOSA ARRP Demolition

Location: Centreville, VA
Value: $1,677,000.00

North Avenue Rising Penn North Metro Station Improvements

Location: Baltimore, MD
Value: $2,366,000.00

Potomac High Zone Pumps 7 & 8 LCI Drives Replacement

Location: Potomac, MD
Value: $2,377,000.00

BHT Facilities Envelope Renovations and Fuel Tank Replacement

Location: Baltimore, MD
Value: $5,922,000