Bid List

4/15/21 Thursday 4:00PMMain Office4Loudoun County Metro Parking Garages Fare Collection and Improvements
Loudoun County, Virginia, Loudoun County Procurement - IFB No. RFQ-372783
1-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
4/21/21 Tuesday 2:00PMMain Office2Ballston Pond Retrofit, Arlington County, Virginia
Arlington County Purchasing - ITB No. 21-DES-ITB-4861-5MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
4/21/21 Wednesday 3:00PMMain Office5Cliffton WWTP Upgrade,
Charles County, Maryland
Charles County Government - ITB No. 21-234-6MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
4/22/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office0Corbalis Water Treatment Plant
Surge Relief Valve Replacement, Herndon, Virginia
Fairfax Water Authority - IFB 21-005. Project P0215A, Div 0201-2MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
4/22/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office2Rehabilitation of Cargo Buildings 1-4
Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, Virginia
MWAA - IFB-21-200842-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
4/22/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office1Roof Replacement
Concourse A/B, Main Terminal and Z Gate, Dulles Int’l. Airport, Chantilly, Virginia
MWAA - IFB-21-202979-11MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
4/29/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office2Mondawmin Elevator Replacement,
Baltimore, Maryland
MTA - IFB. No. T-1627-01505-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
5/4/21 Tuesday 4:00PMMain Office0New Forensic Lab,
Hyattsville, Maryland
Prince Georges County - Contract Admin & Procurement
Sol. No. S21-032
20-30MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
5/11/21 Tuesday 2:00PMMain Office0Graham Park Sewage Pump Station and Force Main Replacement
Triangle, Virginia
Prince William County Service Authority - IFB No. SA-21083-4MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498