Bid List

9/29/21 Wednesday 11:00AMMain Office1Riverside Park Athletic Fields Improvements
Baltimore, Maryland
City of Baltimore - Dept. of Recreation & Park
Contract No. RP 218092-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
9/30/21 Thursday 1:00PMMain Office 3Concourse C/D Electrical Ductbank Rehab and Feeder Replacement, Dulles Airport, Chantilly, Virginia
MWAA - IFB-21-235517.5-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
10/6/21 Wednesday 2:00PMMain Office1Mechanical System Rehabilitation Design-Build
Carmen Turner Facility (CTF), Landover, Maryland
WMATA - Sol. CIRPG211139/NA5-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
10/7/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office0Benjamin Harrison Bridge
New Generator Facility, Hopewell, Virginia
VDOT - IFB 1559141-5MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
10/8/21 Thursday 4:00PMMain Office1Potomac WFP Finished Reservoir No. 3 Rehabilitation
Potomac, Maryland
WSSC - IFB BF7020A211-2MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
10/14/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office0Science Museum of Virginia Green Space, Richmond, Virginia
Project Code 146-18555-0012-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
10/14/21 Thursday 4:00PMMain Office0Potomac Yard Pump Station Ventilation Improvements and Odor Control System, Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria Renew Enterprises - Contract No. 21-0231-2MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
10/21/21 Thursday 4:00PMMain Office1Piscataway WRRF
Effluent Filters Upgrade, Accokeek, Maryland
WSSC - Contract No. CD5170E115-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
TBDMain Office0MTPD District 3 Substation at Morgan Boulevard, Landover, Maryland
WMATA Task Order FQ16036-22-0014-5MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498