Bid List

10/16/19 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office4Franklin Park, Construction Management At-Risk Services, Washington DC
DC Government, DGS-Sol. No. DCAM-19-CS-RFP-006212-14MClick here to view Plans and Specs
10/16/19 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office3Sewer Services Facility, Washington DC
DC WASA-Contract No.19008012-14MClick here to view Plans and Specs
10/17/19 Thursday 2:00 PM SVO7Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge, Wire Rope and New Generator Facility, Hopewell, VirginiaVDOT-IFB 1552895-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1480.
10/24/19 Thursday 2:00 PMSVO2DCLS Building Envelope Renovation, Richmond, Virginia
State of Virginia, DGS-IFB # CFP-2019-08135-10MClick here to view Plans and Specs
10/29/19 Tuesday 11:00 AMSVO0Rice Rivers Research Facility, Charles City, VirginiaVirginia Commonwealth University-Code 2018-008155-7MClick here to view Plans and Specs
11/6/19 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office0UOSA ARRP Facility Demolition, Millard Robbins WRP, Centreville, Va.
Upper Occoquan Service Authority1-5MClick here to view Plans and Specs
11/6/19 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office0Cedar Crest Sewage Pump Station 1 & 2 Improvements, Loudoun County, VirginiaLoudoun Water-IFB No. 2019-006-WST.000361-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1480.
11/8/19 Friday 2:00 PMMain Office0Bush Bus Division Building 5, Automotive Lubrication Fluids System, Baltimore, Maryland
State of Maryland-MTA-IFB No. T-0193-28401-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1480.
11/20/19 Wednesday 11:00 AMMain Office1Druid Hill Aquatic Center and Parking Lot, Baltimore, Maryland
City of Baltimore, Dept. of Recreation and Parks-Contract No. RP178075-7MContact Estimating at 240-455-1480.
11/22/19 Friday 12:00 PM Main Office1Fort McHenry Tunnel Ventilation Improvements, Baltimore, Maryland
MDOT-MDTA Contract No. FT 2651-000-006R30-50MContact Estimating at 240-455-1480.