Bid List

7/14/20 Tuesday 9:00 AMMain Office6McMillan Backwash Discharge to Sewer Washington, Aqueduct, Washington DC
Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District - IFB No. W912DR20B00165-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/15/20 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office1Expansion of Burial Capacity and Infrastructure Improvements, Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery,
Cheltenham, Prince Georges County, Maryland
State of Maryland DGS - Proj. No. VC-001-170-1025-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/15/20 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office3WMATA Chiller Plant Ground Water Treatment Building, New Hampshire Ave, NW, Wash DC
WMATA - IFB No. C20058/KKB4-5MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/27/20 Monday 2:00 PMMain Office3Antietam National Battleground Sharpsburg, Maryland
National Park Service (Denver Service Center) - Sol. No. 140P2020R00805-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/29/20 Wednesday 2:00 PMMain Office2Replacement of Drainage Pumping Stations and Discharge Line Piping, Various Sites, Maryland and Washington DC
WMATA - IFB No. FQ19143/KKB5-10MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/30/20 Thursday 2:00 PMMain Office2Construction of Quantico Station Improvements,
Quantico, Prince William County, Virginia
VRE - IFB No. 020-01920-30MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
9/17/20 Thursday 2:00 PMMain Office4DX-DY HVAC Upgrades, BWI Airport
Baltimore, Maryland
Maryland Aviation Administration - MAA Contract MAA-CO-21-00115-30MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
TBDMain Office2Mitchell Courthouse Roof Replacement
Baltimore, Maryland
City of Baltimore, DGS - Contract No. GS 16810R1-2MClick here to view Plans and Specs