Bid List

7/27/21 Tuesday 2:00PMMain Office4Greater Roanoke Transit Company (GRTC) Transfer Facility, Roanoke, Virginia
Valley Metro - IFB No. 21-GRT-05269-11MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/28/21 Wednesday 2:00PMMain Office2High Temperature Hot Water Generators, Dulles Airport, Chantilly, Virginia
MWAA - RFP-21-217225-6MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/28/21 Wednesday 2:00PMMain Office 2Parking Garage Rehabilitation
Category A-Addison Rd(Md), Huntington(Va) and Wheaton(Md)
Category B-Anacostia(Wash DC) and New Carrollton (MD)
WMATA - IFB. Sol. No. FQ19151R(Rebid)/MDR20-30MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
7/29/21 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office6Western Lands Fence and Security Enhancements,
Dulles Airport, Chantilly, Virginia
MWAA - IFB-21-208932-3MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
8/10/21 Tuesday 1:00PMMain Office2DX-DY HVAC Upgrades, BWI Airport, Maryland
MAA - Sol. No. MAA-CO-21-01015-20Contact Estimating at 240-455-1498
8/11/21 Wednesday 2:00PMMain Office3Replacement of Drainage Pumping Stations and Discharge Line Piping, Various Sites, Maryland and Washington DC
WMATA - IFB No. FIRPG211167/KKB20-30MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
9/10/21 Friday 4:00PMMain Office2New Carrollton Amtrak Station
Pkg. A-Next Generation High Speed Rail Infrastructure
Pkg. B-State of Good Repair
New Carrollton, PG County, Maryland
Amtrak - RFP No. X138-2114720-30mContact Estimating at 240-455-1498
TBDMain Office0MTPD District 3 Substation at Morgan Boulevard, Landover, Maryland
WMATA Task Order FQ16036-22-0014-5MContact Estimating at 240-455-1498