WSSC Potomac WFP Consent Decree

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Project Owner
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Contract Value
Project Location
Potomac, MD
Project Duration
03/2019 – 09/2020
Water and Sewer,Industrial

Project Description

W.M. Schlosser was awarded this project in March 2019 to improve solids handling and treatment systems with current capacity of 108,000 pounds per day. However, during peak storm events, excess sedimentation will be discharged back to the Potomac. This short term Consent Decree scope is to increase solid handling capacity by upsizing piping serving the solids handling building and gravity thickeners, replace pump located in the four blowdown chambers, and add a new belt filter press equipment,

The site work includes yard piping consists of 10” filtrate from Solids Handling Building, 12’&14” sedimentation basin drain, pipe casing through the Transco utility right-of-way. The sedimentation basins scope includes installation of submersible pumps, slide gates with overflow weirs in the four (4) blowdown chambers. Structural modifications to accommodate new equipment. The Solids Handling Building involves with adding a fourth 3-meter belt filter press equipment (BFP) with feed pump, installation of new piping from BFP header to new press, installation of a new cake storage bin, and gravity thickener and flow splitter structure influent and effluent pipe modifications.