Station Target Combat Pistol /Military Police Qual. Range

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Project Owner
Maryland Department of General Services
Contract Value
Project Location
Glen Arm, MD
Project Duration
Completed 2016

Project Description

Additional work items on this project included: The demolition and removal from the site of the existing firing line roof, supporting structure and existing wood target boots. Construction of a 9 meter wide, 4 lane long concrete paved (6” slab) firing line over compacted fill. Reshape the existing range floor and pave to provide a level target bed with positive drainage to the target line and off range. Construct a 6mm (0.25 in.) AR 450 steel plate fully baffled range containment structure (ballistic safety baffles). The baffling system will be angled baffles (vertical baffles are not authorized) installed sloping downrange to deflect and contain all direct fired rounds. Install overhead baffles downrange (continuous protection) between the overhead firing line canopy and the range earth berm backstop. Overlapping the baffles (150mm, 6 in) to allow shooter movement throughout the range and designed to prevent projectiles from leaving the range even if a weapon is accidentally fired vertically. Baffling supporting structure will be steel on a concrete foundation. Completing the range containment, construct range concrete sidewalls, a firing line platform canopy and a earth berm backstop system. All range containment is to be configured to insure that 100% of the direct fired rounds and ricochets are totally contained within the limits of the range (no blue sky observed from the firing positions). Provide sacrificial cladding (Ballistic Rubber, 2” + thick with a 3/4″ air gap) on any surface (baffles, wing walls, metal connectors, etc.) that are within 5 meters (16.4 feet) of the firing line to prevent back splatter. Range design will insure a zero (0) surface danger zone (SDZ) across the firing positions Range design must insure proper ventilation across the firing positions.