Replace Collapsed Storm Airfield Drainage System

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Project Owner
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY: US Army Corps Of Engineers
Contract Value
Corps of Engineers
Project Location
Andrews Air Force Base, MD
Project Duration
730 Calendar Days
Military, Industrial

Project Description

The work includes the repair and reconstruction of Storm Sewers and incidental related work. This repair includes replacement of underground structures and sections of storm water pipe. In addition, the Contractor shall repair large sections of storm pipe using Centrifugally Cast Mortar Pipe Lining (CCMPL) to extend the life of the pipes 50 additional years. The rehabilitation of pipelines shall be done by the application, by use of a bi-directional spin caster, of a uniform cementitious layer of special mortar that cures in place to form an interior hardened shell throughout the entire length of the designated pipes. The CCMPL shall extend the full length of the designed original pipe and provide a structurally sound, jointless and water-tight lining within the original pipes.