Rehabilitation of Brentwood and Ft. Stanton No. 2 Reservoirs

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  • Rehabilitation of Brentwood and Ft. Stanton No. 2 Reservoirs
Project Owner
Contract Value
Project Location
Washington, DC
Project Duration
12/2014 – 08/2016
Water and Sewer, Industrial

Project Description

W. M. Schlosser was awarded this project in December 2014. This project had two locations in Washington, DC. The majority of the work was at the Brentwood Reservoir. Brentwood reservoir work included Removing/ replacing existing soil on the top of the underground reservoir installing a geofoam tapered roof, new membrane/ Drainage system, waterproofing on the reservoir roof. Inside the reservoir we performed crack, spall repairs, joint sealing, cleaning, disinfecting and installed new mixers.  We retrofitted the existing sampling building with new mixers, controls, sample equipment, doors, louvers, valves, new roof, electrical and security improvements. A new cast-in-place concrete access road was also completed at Brentwood.
For the Ft. Stanton Reservoir, work included lighting and electrical upgrades.

The project was challenging in several aspects. We only had a small window of work time to shut-down the reservoir because it is a major supplier of potable water to the neighborhood. Working inside the reservoir doing concrete crack repairs was done under a confined workspace protocol.