Reagan National Hold Bay 4

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Project Owner
Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority
Contract Value
Project Location
Arlington, VA
Project Duration

Project Description

W. M. Schlosser Co. was awarded the Hold Bay 4 project in October 2018 at the Reagan National Airport located in Arlington, VA.  The project consists of the reconfiguration of Hold Bay 4 to modify the airfield geometry and improve operational efficiency during short term aircraft holding and deicing events. The hold apron will be expended to approximately 4 times the size of the original apron and will include a new taxiway.

The work includes removal of existing pavements and structures, relocation and removal of underground utilities, construction of a new Hold Bay for aircraft deicing and parking, taxiway, a new vehicular service road, two 80,000 gallon glycol collection tanks and ground improvement foundations, domestic water lines, 500 foot long vertical blast fence, High Mast airfield lighting, relocation of 10 existing storage tanks, installation of a new AOA security fence and access vehicle gate and new parking areas for glycol and fuel service vehicles.