Railshop Equipment Rehab at 4 WMATA Maintenance Facilities

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Project Owner
Contract Value
Gannett Flemming/Parsons – Contact Brandon Mummert
Project Location
Greenbelt, New Carrollton, Shady Grove Maryland and Brentwood, NE DC
Project Duration
Renovation, Demolition

Project Description

W. M. Schlosser was awarded this project in January 2013. This project spanned over several WMATA locations including their Greenbelt Yard, New Carrollton Yard, Shady Grove Yard and the Brentwood Yard. WMATA purchased 7000 series railcars and needed to upgrade the maintenance facilities equipment to include these new cars. WMATA makes and maintaining the wheels on their railcars. W. M. Schlosser removed and replace Wheel Truing Machines in New Carrollton and Shady Grove. We removed and replaced the Wheel Truing Machine and a Vertical Turret Lathe in Greenbelt and a Wheel Press in Brentwood. W. M. Schlosser also provided 6 new railcar movers. All of this work was completed while the maintenance facilities stayed open and fully functional.

Work included contaminated soils, dewatering, concrete, new railroad tracks and track beds, mechanical, electrical, fire alarm. Extensive testing and training for the new equipment. This project was completed in a limited work area with many obstacles – working in an occupied facility, noise restrictions, installing sheet piles and ventilation. The majority of the project was procuring the Wheel Truing Machines, Wheel Press and the Railcar Movers. Structural modifications were made to incorporate the new machines where the existing machines were removed and new railroad tracks were installed to move trains from the tracks into the maintenance facilities and to the new equipment.