Joint Land Attack Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS)

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Project Owner
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY: US Army Corps Of Engineers
Contract Value
Whitman Requardt
Project Location
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Project Duration
300 Calendar Days
New Construction
Military, Industrial

Project Description

Project consists of ground-up full construction at two project sites (G Field and Graces Quarters). Work at both sites includes construction of soil cement aerostat pad, administration building, and support building for staff to install third party equipment that the end user will operate from facilities the Contractor builds. New infrastructure was installed to accommodate these facilities at both sites including upgraded electrical, communication, and security features. The buildings were pre-engineered metal buildings on concrete foundations. Due to the remote location of the facilities, large water storage tanks with a fire pump were installed to provide life safety protections for the occupants. Both facilities were turned over to the end-user while construction was still underway which resulted in the Contractor successfully coordinating the remaining work while testing operations performed by the end-user were underway.