Dulles Corridor Rail Project, Phase 1

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Project Owner
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)
Contract Value
Century Engineering
Project Location
Various Locations in Fairfax County, VA
Project Duration

Project Description

Our firm was awarded yet another extension on this design/build task order contract for the close-out of Phase 1 of the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, known as the Silver Line. The project calls for the repair and/or replacement of deficient or incomplete work items from the original Silver Line construction contract. Task orders are issued in an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity format.

The program currently has more than 50 different task orders with more expected. The tasks thus far have varied dramatically in size and scope. With some more than $1 million, and others as small as $1,800. Projects have included replacement of fiber optic work, installation of new Art Glass within the Metro stations of the Silver Line, as well as guardrail and Storm drain work for VDOT in and around the McLean/Tysons Metro area.

One task (pictured) was for the installation of 45-foot-tall stainless steel “Cone” sculpture at the Spring Hill Metro Station. The sculpture was trucked in Arizona, but the install had to wait for the roads to clear before finally being installed.

Other tasks already awarded include: Civil Design, guardrail and curb repairs, preparation of storm drains for video investigation, “Art in Transit” station visual improvements, utility relocation, surveys, fiber patch panels, sign replacement and removal, heat trace control boxes, and a complete intersection realignment.

W.M. Schlosser Appreciation


As we approach almost four years on the DCMP Phase 1 Task Order Contract, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate and value your team. So thank you. We have completed some difficult task orders and have a some tricky ones still upcoming, and your team has been excellent on all of them. We commend the almost four years of work with no safety issues, especially due to the fact that much of the work has taken place on very busy and/or very high speed roads. Also, confined space procedures have always been followed making sure everyone is working safely.

All of the work done by WMS has been of very high quality and we have received verbal praise from VDOT on multiple occasions stating how pleased they were with the quality of work. This is especially important due to the fact that all remaining work is for VDOT. Your team has always been very accommodating and easily adapts to the multiple scope changes, schedule changes, questions, etc. that the different stakeholders have requested. Also, Christian has been excellent in planning work so that disruptions to the public have been minimized. He has combined work when possible and scheduled work at times to cause the least amount disruption to the public. The weather has not been kind to us in the past year, but your team has successfully worked around that and adjusted the work schedules as needed. Task orders have been completed as quickly as possible and we really appreciate that.

Brian, and Christian, has been great to work with in negotiating tasks. Brian is always willing to explain the hours/quantities and works with us to get the best price for the work for all involved. He has worked with subcontractors to get additional backup when required and changed subcontractors as needed. He has also worked closely with the SBE compliance team to try to add as many SBE firms to the work as possible and has shown great effort in trying to meet the SBE goal.

Michele has been extremely helpful in making sure all task orders, NTPs, mods, Exhibits, etc. are signed and returned in a timely manner and she has been excellent in helping us with the closeout paperwork as we close out individual task orders. She has also been excellent in getting the invoices and all the backup sent in on time and making any minor changes when asked.

Century Engineering has been a great design subcontractor and the same praises can be said about their team of Mike P, Mike J, Vien, Neil, Caleb, etc.

We look forward to working with you, Brian, Christian, Michele, and the rest of the team as we complete Old Meadow Road and the rest of the VDOT punchlist work.

Thanks, Tom

Thomas P. Crone, CCM
Director, Program Operations
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project