Corbalis Water Treatment Plant Electrical System Improvements

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Project Owner
Fairfax Water
Contract Value
Project Location
Herndon, VA
Project Duration
07/2017 – 09/2020
Water and Sewer,Industrial

Project Description

W.M. Schlosser was awarded this project in October 2017 to provide construction services and electrical upgrades to include installation of electrical duct bank, selective demolition and replacement of existing electrical equipment including transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, conduit and cabling in Corbalis Water Treatment Plant as the original electrical distribution infrastructure is now nearing the end of it useful life.

The Corbalis Water Treatment Plant located in Fairfax County near Herndon, Virginia is a critical resource for the citizens of Fairfax County and the surrounding area. The Plant produces and distributes portable drinking water to residential and commercial customers within a wide geographical area in the Northern Virginia area. The rated capacity of the Plant is 225 million-gallon-per-day. The Plant was first constructed in the early 1980’s, has been expanded twice, and has completed several other upgrade projects in the years since it was first commissioned.

The electrical system upgrades consists of two (2) 31.5KV Substations, two (2) oil-filled transformers, two (2) 4.16KV medium-voltage switchgear, five (5) medium voltage motor starters, two (2) 480V transformers, one (1) 480V switchboard, two (2) 480V motor control centers, and two (2) new battery-power and charging system at Finished-Water Pump Station No.1. Provide interior modifications to the building to accommodate the new equipment. Remove and replace one (1) medium-voltage switchgear, four (4) medium-voltage motor starters for the finished-water pumps, provide new battery-power, battery-charging systems, and a second source of 480V power on the B-side for local equipment at Finished Water Pump Station No. 2. Reconfigure the 4.16 kV electrical feeder and distribution system between Finished Water Pump Station No. 1 and the plant facilities to provide better modularity, improved reliability, and decreased vulnerability to electrical outages. The Work will involve construction of an east-side electrical duct bank across the plant site. Provide a 750 kW diesel-powered electrical generator package serving the Water Quality Improvement Center and Facility Support Center to allow these critical facilities to remain in service during electrical outages associated with weather emergencies or unplanned events. Provide and install transformers, 480V switch board, UPS, 480V MCC for Filter Building, Chemical Building, Solids Building, and Carbon Building. Provide miscellaneous electrical improvements to various other building. Provide all necessary work needed to install, startup, and test the aforementioned equipment, including conduit, duct banks, manholes, hand holes, concrete pads, wiring, cabling, and miscellaneous site restoration work.

The project received 2020 Craftmanship Award for Power Generation, Distribution and Switchgear Entry Code: I-23 and Special Systems Entry Code: I-30.
On May 14, 2020, Fairfax Water Planning and Engineering Division has awarded WM Schlosser Project Team A Commendation Certificate for successful delivery of the Corbalis Electrical Improvements Project.