Anacostia Pumping Station

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Project Owner
DC Water
Contract Value
Whitman, Requardt and Associates
Project Location
Washington, DC
Project Duration
Completed 2012

Project Description

The Anacostia Pumping Station replaced an old deteriorated station serving NE Washington, DC. The station furnishes finished drinking water into three different service areas and involves usage of twelve (12) new pumping units. The station includes a lower level area, Pump Room, Operator’s Room, Electrical Room, Battery Room, Generator Room and Toilet Rooms. The project also included numerous piping connections to various existing water mains both on the site and off the site. Site work will include excavation, dewatering, paving, landscaping, fencing and miscellaneous site improvements. The pumps are centrifugal, horizontal suction, horizontal discharge, single stage, double suction, double volute type, with horizontal split casing. They ranged in size from 4100 gpm to 9900 gpm. The extensive electrical systems included a 4160v 1500 kw generator.