Bid List

4/24/19 Wednesday 11:00AMMain Office3Colgate Stormwater Pumping Station Upgrade, Baltimore, MarylandCity of Baltimore-Stormwater Contract No. 77942-3MClick here to view Plans and Specs
4/24/19 Wednesday 11:00AMMain Office3Electrical Distribution System Reliability Improvements, Physical Security Upgrades, and On-Site Power Generation, Patapsco WWTP, Baltimore, MarylandCity of Baltimore DPW-Sanitary Contract No. 926R55-60MClick here to view Plans and Specs
4/30/19 Tuesday 1:00PMMain Office2Concourse C/D Electrical Ductbank Rehabilitation and Feeder Replacement, Design-Build, Dulles Airport, Chantilly, VirginiaMWAA-RFP-18-321814-5MClick here to view Plans and Specs
4/30/19 Tuesday 3:00PMSVO Office2New City Hall,Virginia Beach, VirginiaCity of Virginia Beach DPW-CIP 3-072. Bid Number PWCN-19-012940-50M AlternatesClick here to view Plans and Specs
5/1/19 Wednesday 2:00PMMain Office2Airfield Transformer Vault Design-Build, Reagan Washington National Airport, Gravelly Point, VirginiaMWAA-RFP-18-344255-10MClick here to view Plans and Specs
5/2/19 Thursday 2:00PMMain Office0Sewage Ejector Replacement, Mt. Vernon Square Metro Station, 700 M Street, NW, Washington, DCWMATA-Task Order FQ16036X-19-034500-1MClick here to view Plans and Specs
5/10/19 Friday 12:00PMMain Office4Concourse C/D Hydrant Fueling Isolation Valve Pit Additions, Hydrant Fueling Pits Placement, and Pavement Rehabilitation, Design-Build, Dulles Airport, Chantilly, VirginiaMWAA-RFP 18-3213715-20MClick here to view Plans and Specs
5/15/19 Wednesday 2:00PMMain Office0Soldier's Home Reservoir Upgrades, Washington, DCDC WASA-IFB No. 1701304-6MClick here to view Plans and Specs
5/21/19 Tuesday 4:00PMMain Office1Process Air Compressors (PAC) Upgrade, Alexandria WWTP, Alexandria, VirginiaAlexandria Renew Enterprises-ITB No. 19-0415-10MClick here to view Plans and Specs
5/22/19 Wednesday 1:00PMMain Office0Convert UG Fuel Storage to AG Storage Tanks, Bus Maintenance Facility, Dulles Airport, VirginiaMWAA-IFB 18-34124900K-1.5MClick here to view Plans and Specs
6/3/19 Monday 1:00PMMain Office0Fuel Tank Replacement and Building Envelope Renovation, Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Administration Building, Baltimore, MarylandMDTA-Contract No. HT 3011-00002.5-5MClick here to view Plans and Specs
6/26/19 Wednesday 2:00PMSVO Office2North Branch Steam Line, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VirginiaVCU-Project Code 2018-008234-5MClick here to view Plans and Specs